Memagine 2 is the contemporary edition of the classic Memagine app, with additional support for the Major Mnemonic system

Imagine showing your friends and family your new ability to remember a list of up to 100 things and recalling any one of them when you need to. With Memagine's lifetime technique, you can shop for groceries or remember what you need to do without having to write down a list.


  • Suitable for reading age children, adults and seniors
  • Demonstrates how to stretch your imagination for better retention
  • Simple exercises for learning and reviewing Memangine's technique
  • Memorization and recall practice sessions
  • Remember an additional item with each completed level
  • Included set of practice items for memorization and recall
  • Success rates per level and session so you can decide what to review or practice
  • Displays your progress over time
  • Ability to use your own items to practice with
  • Ability to use either the classic Memagine system, or the Major Mnemonic system.

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