PerioScribe has been created for professional periodontal and hygienist providers so they may leverage the capabilities of new technologies when recording periodontal measurements. PerioScribe allows a single person to enter periodontal data with the touch of one hand eliminating the need to switch to a writing tool. PerioScribe also provides an alternate means of entering periodontal data by speaking into the application (a headset is required and speech recognition accuracy may be dependent on the speaker and the work environment) while receiving confirmation feedback in the form of computer speech or musical tones.

Highlights include:

  • Suitable for people with their own devices, or multiple people sharing a device
  • Support for FDI and Universal tooth numbering systems
  • Entry of sulcus, recession data, bleeding areas and examination notes
  • Ability to view multiple client examinations at the same time for progress tracking
  • Touch data entry with optional speech entry
  • Customizable tooth navigation order by surface and direction
  • Voice entry feedback by computer voice or musical tones
  • Speech input volume indicator
  • Voice commands for data entry and navigation
  • Voice command words can be substituted with other words
  • Selectable wallpapers and personal colors
  • History of most recent examinations
  • Report designer for single or multiple examinations, examination lists and client feedback
  • Customizable report templates for each report type
  • Reports (PDF) can be sent to an office email address for filing and printing
  • Recession data can be entered during sulcus entry, or separately
  • Examination and summary reports can be designed for emailing to a periodontal or dental office for further storing, printing or filing.
  • Examination feedback reports can be emailed to clients.

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