TempoWorks is a sophisticated metronome designed by professional musicians for orchestral, band, ensemble and solo performers, teachers and students, and percussionists. It has been created to complement sheet music and printed scores with performance timing information. It is designed to improve a musician's performance timing of entire songs, tracks and classical works, especially for contemporary or other music with multiple tempos and metres. Performers can share metronome sequences with other performers and students.

Highlights include:

  • Has easy to use facilities to design and save tempo and metre sequences
  • Designs can be shared with others of your group, or students so everyone practices the complexities of the performance with the same repeatable tempos and tempo changes
  • Each section of a TempoWork can have its own beats per bar, beats per minute and sub-beats
  • Tempo accelerandos and ritardandos can be stretched over several beats and bars
  • Playback speed can be increased or decreased for each practice performance
  • A virtual conductor gives orchestral, choral and ensemble musicians the ability to follow a simulated baton during playback. A conductor pattern can be chosen for each section of music
  • A classic metronome is also included for use independent of saved designs

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