Meals & Tips is a tip calculator that will meet your needs for figuring out how much to pay when going out to dinner and keep track of who paid. This application has no ads, it's just free for you to enjoy.

Highlights include:

  • Either enter the bill value including the tax or the meal value excluding the tax.
  • Specify the local tax rate to be used in the calculations.
  • Tip can be either on top of tax or not.
  • Round the values up (by default) or down. Meals & Tips will then show you the effective tip percentage you are leaving.
  • Three rounding options available: Don't Round, Round the Tip amount and Round the Total amount.
  • Split the total amount among the number of people paying.
  • Your preferences are saved between sessions so you only have to enter the bill amount most of the time.
  • Shake the phone to reset the bill value to zero.
  • Keep track of your meal history: date, amount paid, attendees and who paid.
  • iCloud storage of meal history and application settings.

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