VPT Product Video Poker Tutor Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the Tutor is using the best strategy?

One way to convince yourself that the Tutor is playing correctly is to look at the Analysis table. This table shows you the expected return for the current hand for all combinations of holds. The Tutor always picks the holds with the highest expected return.

How do I change the paytable for a game?

To change the pay table for a game type, go to Settings and in the Pay Table Section, tap the Game you want to change the pay table for. Press the Blue arrow to see a pay table and then tap the one you want to use to select it. We have predefined the pay tables for all the games by choosing the most popular ones found in casinos. This way you can train with the exact game you will use when you go to the casino.

What does the expected return value for each pay table mean?

The meaning of the expected return value for a pay table is the following: if you play exactly like the Tutor, for every 100 credits you put in, you should expect to get back the expected return value. This value assumes you always play maximum credits because most pay tables have a higher then normal payout when playing maximum credits.

Why do I see an X when I win and the tutor doesn't?

The checkmark and the X indicate if you held the same cards as the Tutor and does not have anything to do with winning a particular hand. The ideas is that if you learn how to play exactly like the Tutor, over the long term you will win more. The Tutor always holds the cards that will give it the highest expected return for that hand.


Use Video Poker Tutor (VPT) to practice strategies that hone your video poker skills. Enhance your entertainment at your favorite casino by using skill to boost your luck.

Luck is the draw of the cards in the first poker hand. Skill is knowing which cards to Hold/Discard.

To review the rules of video poker, visit the Wikipedia Video Poker page.


Decide which poker game to practice. Strategy is different for each game due to different winning poker hands and its corresponding pay table.

  • Jacks or Better: The classic version that started it all; also known as Draw Poker.
  • Bonus Poker and/or Double Bonus: Two variations of Jacks or Better with different payouts for different Four of a Kind hands.
  • Deuces Wild 44: The deuce (two) cards are WILD. They can be substituted for any card to make a winning poker hand.
  • Double Double Bonus: Another variation of Jacks or Better with different payouts for Four of a Kind hands.


VPT is designed to teach the best strategy for playing video poker in the long term with the following Tutor Assistance:

  • Hints: When turned ON, in real time after the first deal, shows which cards the Tutor will keep. This practice creates the strategy.
  • Warnings: With Hints OFF and Warnings ON, practise your strategy. Tutor will pop up an alert whenever your selection (cards held) does not match the Tutor. The option to try again or keep your selection is available.
  • Mastery: When turned ON, after each game visually show if your selection matches the Tutor. Checkmark - yes; X - no.

As you become more proficient, turn OFF all Tutor Assistance and use the credits you play and win to compare your skill with the Tutor. The Statistics MENU provides feedback for all and individual games for both you and Tutor.

Tutor chooses cards to HOLD/DISCARD based on the mathematical expectation for events more likely to occur when this event is believed to be repeated over and over again several times. Unlikely events can occur. Sometimes you will disagree with Tutor and choose different cards to HOLD and DISCARD which may result in a bigger win. This is not a good long-term strategy.


VPT starts with 100 FREE credits. If you use them up, a screen with the following 3 choices will come up:

  1. Purchase Unlimited Credits: A Dialog Box to confirm your purchase will pop-up. Once you confirm, 100 new credits will appear and you are ready to play. Since it is unlimited, everytime you reach zero, 100 new credits will appear.
  2. Purchase 1000 Credits: A Dialog Box to confirm your purchase will pop-up. 1000 new credits will appear and you are ready to play. This is a one-time purchase. If you reach zero, the 3 choices are again available for you.
  3. Wait 24 Hours: Once 24 hours from the last time you played a game have passed, you will automatically be given another 100 credits. You can tap on the text to return to the game screen.